Kildemose "kult" festival 2014
31/7 - 3/8.


Friday 23:40

The three fuzzloving members of Bite The Bullet,has played rock`n`roll together since 2012, yet already they've played a bunch of concerts, and are becoming a live-band well talked about. Their joy of playing, and music, comes untamed and directly from the heart , its present and playful, and most importantly; its music meant to be played loud!

The new record, was recorded in less than three days, - and mixed in one. The result is an honest energetic tale, where everything superfluously is cut.
The bands intention, derived from a common goal; to keep the album simple, and find the way back to the rock´n´roll roots - which the album successfully did.
The simple style is emphasized in the recordings, made on a 16 track tapemachine and an old Neve console. No safety net, and no bullshit.
In other words, Bite The Bullet is a lesson in the joy of playing, fuzz sound, and pure driven love to music!

The result of the new analog recorded album, is alive, noisy, and filled with joy and madness!

Rock on!

Thomas Storgaard Christiansen
Christian Norup
Paw Eriksen