Kildemose "kult" festival 2011
5. - 6. - 7. august


Cherry Overdrive
Saturday 16:20

About Cherry Overdrive
Danish all girl garage-psych rockers Cherry Overdrive has a long and persistent history of hard working and do-it-yourself attitude, integrity and a lot of live experience which over the years has made them fairly recognized outside their native country Denmark.

Cherry Overdrive was formed during fall 2003 in Copenhagen by Swedish guitarist Cecilia Cresso (Drivers, Harry Lime), drummer Jeanne Dahl-Mikkelsen, Brazilian bass player Jirasol Pereira and singer/guitarist Lene Kjær Hvillum (The Davolinas, Fuzz Manta). The girls had their live debut on 1st may 2004, soon followed by their first tour in Germany in fall 2004 and the band released their first ep, “Sharks” also in 2004. Two songs from this ep were released in Germany on the split single “Cherry Overdrive meets Mandragora Lightshow Society” (Swamp Room Records, 2005). The band has continuously toured Germany several times a year ever since.

In spring 2006 Cherry Overdrive started recording their debut album and were invited to play at Danish National Radio’s event “Radiohuset Rocker”, where they were discovered by Swedish record label Heptown Records who signed Cherry Overdrive on the spot. The debut single “Reptiles” was released fall 2006 and the two single tracks were on rotation on DR P3 during fall and winter 2006. In February 2007 the band’s debut album “Clear Light” finally hit the streets. The album was very well received and gave the band a fair amount of attention. Cherry Overdrive played Danish Spot Festival in spring 2007 and furthermore had a lot of live activity in Germany and Sweden that year. Cherry Overdrive was featured on the compilation “Terminal Damage Act 1” (Heptown Rec., 2007) and in October 2007 the band recorded their following single “Our Sound” which was released early 2008 and also found its way to radio airplay national as well as international.

2008 brought a lot of changes to Cherry Overdrive. Long time hard beating drummer Jeanne Dahl-Mikkelsen decided to retire from the band and was immediately replaced by drummer dynamo Maria Juntunen who made her live debut with the band touring Germany and Spain in early spring 2008. During the trip to Spain the band was featured in a one hour live interview on Spanish National Radio (RNE 3). In spring 2008 bass player Jirasol Pereira left the band to seek new musical genres, and hard working bass player Karen Gudiksen was brought in to debut with Cherry Overdrive with only one week’s rehearsal on her back on 1st may 2008. That summer the band was featured on the compilation “Go Go Gasoline” (Heptown Rec., 2008) and in November the band toured Spain for the second time that year. Also in 2008 American MTV’s “Dirty Sanchez” got an option on five songs from “Clear Light” for the TV-show.

Cherry Overdrive played their first gig in London on legendary venue “Dirty Water” in January 2009, released the single “I’ll Be Gone” and spent most of the year touring and writing new material for the coming album, which was recorded during fall 2009 taking the girls in a new melodic direction. Cherry Overdrive’s second album “Go Prime Time, Honey” will be released on Heptown Records in September 2010 and the band will continuously tour Denmark and Germany during the fall 2010 and hopefully break new international grounds in the time to come.

Cherry Overdrive is:
Foxy - lead vocal/guitar
Chaka Karen - bass/backing vocals
Maria Batería - drums
Miss Cresso - lead guitar/backing vocals


Anmeldelse i Diskant
Cherry Overdrive: Go Prime Time, Honey

Cherry Overdrive – interview i Diskant


Thorkild | MySpace Video

CHERRY OVERDRIVE - Count Me In (2009)

Thorkild | MySpace Video


Thorkild | MySpace Video

Cherry Overdrive
Kildemose Festival 2007 live
Did You / Shake It Up.mp3

The Fall.mp3

Cherry Overdrive på Spot 2007
Anmeldelse af Causa Sui & Cherry Overdrive på
Loppen 02/ 03/ 2007:
Interview with Cherry Overdrive:
Interview with Lene Kjær Hvillum:

Management, Contact & Booking:
Mats Nyberg
Stora Gråbrödersgatan 3C
SE-222 22 Lund, Sweden
Phone +46 (0)708 - 134 140
Mail: "management at cherryoverdrive dot com"

Booking Germany:
Magnificent Music
Alexander Schulze
Erich-Weinert-Str. 146
D-10409 Berlin

phone: +49-30-428 90 13
cell: +49-177-421 79 81
fax: +49-30-47 47 10 56

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