Kildemose "kult" festival 2006
fredag 18. & lørdag 19. august.


fredag kl. 19:30

-louise fuhr:
is composing, writing, arranging and singing, adding flute, melodica, egg-shaker, fur-drum, keys, guitar, programming and all artwork...
louise has been working with labrador and pafpetakel and these years she's studying art at the royal danish academy of fine arts...

-troels bech:
plays the guitars, twelve-string, spanish, lab steel, western, electric, accordion, keys, sings the backing vocals and is programming, co. arranging, mixing and mastering... troels was the headmaster of the poets, has been working with pafpetakel, dicte, sort sol, is also current in t.s. høeg and darleens, and is producing various bands...

-john krog hansen:
plays the bass, some keys and is programming, co.arranging, mixing and mastering...he was in greene, pafpetakel, the poets and is now also current in labrador...
a shot fell near.mp3
all in the air.mp3