Kildemose "kult" festival 2013
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Øresund Space Collective

Foto: Lise Lotte

Øresund Space Collective

Øresund Space Collective Biography 2011
The Øresund Space Collective is a totally improvised supergroup with members from many different Danish and Swedish bands; these include The Carpet Knights (Malmö), Siena Root (Stockholm), Mantric Muse (CPH), The Univerzals (CPH), Bland Bladen (SE), ILDHU (CPH), and many others.
The band has released 8 CDs (most on Transubstans Records, Sweden) and played in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Germany in the past 3 years. The bands most recent CD, Slip into the Vortex reached number 23 in the Swedish music chart in 2010.
In 2011, the band will once again play concerts in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and India for the first time.

The band has headlined and played several music festivals around Europe including Kildemose Festival (DK), Slotsskoggen goes Progressive (Göteborg), Space Force 1 (Lahti, Finland), Roadburn and others. The band will play at the famous Occultrance Festival in Belgium in July 2011.

ØSC will also release 3 new albums in 2011: Dead Man in Space, Sleeping with the Sunworm and Live at Roadburn 2010 (double vinyl record) with a new company Space Rock Productions (CPH).

The band has built up a dedicated following in the space and psychedelic rock underground outside of Denmark. All the bands concerts are recorded and released to the fans via the in the USA. The line up is changing all the time and whoever is available is pulled into play but the most recent line up has been: Mogens- Synthesizer and Hammond, Dr. Space- Synthesizers, Nick- Guitar, Jocke- Bass, PIB- Drums and Magnus- Guitar.

Øresund Space Collective Live at Kildemose Festival 2012