Kildemose "kult" festival 2016
4/8 - 7/8



YURI GAGARIN from Gothenburg, Sweden was formed in the beginning of 2012. The band consists of Crille on lead guitar, Jon on rhythm guitar, Leif on bass, Steffo on drums and Robin on synths and FX. After playing for a couple of months they recorded some songs with a simple digital recording device in their practice space and put them up on Soundcloud and soon thereafter they were appointed as band of the week.

A couple of months later the band was offered to release an album on a new local label in Gothenburg. So they recorded fout tracks which got released in October 2013. In 2014 the album was remixed by Linus Andersson who's the head sound engineer at Liseberg, which is one of the biggest arrangers for outdoor concerts and it sounds a lot better than it did before.

After the first edition sold out quickly, the Sulatron label decided to release the new mix on vinyl, limited to 500 copies. This album is a big recommodation for lovers of melodic instrumental heavy space rock, akin to the early Hawkwind or early Monster Magnet sound.