Kildemose "kult" festival 2012
2. - 3. - 4. - 5. august



The Band :

Ivan Beuc – guitar
Aljoša Reljić – drums
Mirko Golubić – bass

The Music:

Fjodor is an instrumental psychedelic/progressive band influenced by lots of different music genres (Balkan & Oriental roots music, Krautrock, Jazz, Noiz, electronic, contemporary and classical music).
Band was formed in 2005 as a trio (guitar, synth, drums); one year later Mirko Golubić (bass) joined the band.
From 2007 the band consists five members and they play in their biggest set-up: Ivan Aranđelović – synth/el. piano and Tena Novak Vincek – violin (Nimbus Dhei, TenaNovak) including three current members and occasional guests. In that period Fjodor recorded their first promo CD in Kramasonik studio in collaboration with Hrvoje Niksic.
In 2008 they went to The ExYuBalkanTour with Slovenian band Coma Stereo.
After that tour they played several concerts with the band Belgrade Noise Society (Serbia).
In 2009 the band mostly plays in and around Zagreb and at sessions in the woods on the hill above Zagreb in their own organization.
Cosmic Valley Jam Session, with Mario Bandic (Bamwise) and Lovro Zlopaša as guests, was recorded and released on "21st Century Space Adventure" free download compilation at R.A.I.G. in 2010; shortly after Fjodor recorded their first album “I”(Kramasonik, SAE Institute, Metro Studio Ljubljana).
Synth and violin player left the band and Lovro Zlopaša (Owie Pockshull, Seven That Spells, Tigrova Mast, Vergl Grind) joined them on their Danish tour in December 2010 with band The Univerzals (Dk).
The band is now working on new material which is going to be recorded and promoted on their European tour in August 2011.

Contact & Booking:
Aljoša Reljić +385 91 552 59 45
+385 97 799 86 21